Work from Home

Let’s talk about work from home – WFH. In recent months many organizations were forced to work from home, whether they liked or not. Organizations that were already used to WFH made this transformation smoothly. Other Organizations had to invest in infrastructure and tools to be able to work remotely. Our challenge as Agile coaches was to make sure the organizations continue to be agile despite the constraints. For example, daily meeting had to be carried out remotely. A bit different, maybe strange but after a short while we all got used to it. Some of the organization even reported that WFH was more effective than face to face…

However, after a couple of months we started to work partially at the office. Since I already was used to work remotely with the teams, I felt strange again to work with them face to face. But after a very short while I felt again the difference. My experience is that working face to face is much more effective than WFH!!

I don’t know what will happen in the future and how our work environment will look like. What I do know that working face to face is more effective. Yet, what I assume is that we will see various combinations of face to face and WFH.

What is your agile experience?