About Agile Experience

We believe that being Agile is an experience rather than a practice. Our vision is to help organization to be Agile. Our mission is to help these organizations to understand the Agile values and principles, adopt the Agile mindset and supply them with the tools that fit their needs. For that we have developed professional Agile Coaching services, training courses and above all: LAND – proven Lean-Agile framework that enhances the organizational Agile Experience.

Agile Experience  was established by Izi Peled (PMP® & SAFe® SPC4), a Lean- Agile transformation coach, Project Manager & Lecturer. Izi has more than 20 years’ experience in the SW development market. During this period he has been helping various organizations – SW and integrated systems – improve their delivery methodologies. His experience as a Lean-Agile coach has driven large enterprise transformations such as Banks, Insurance companies, and healthcare companies as well as small medium high-tech companies. Izi has helped organizations like Finastra, ewave, Open University, Magenta-Med and more.

In recent years Agile Experience is focusing on helping various organizations to adopt the Lean-Agile thinking which enables value creation within a short lead time. Based on the Agile values and principles Izi and his team are coaching organizations to achieve high level of Agility and redefine a culture that encourages excellency. Agile Experience is highly experienced in supporting teams at all levels in the transition to work in methodologies that adhere to the Lean-Agile thinking.

Izi Peled  is the chief methodologist of LAND​ – Lean Agile Network Diagram that was designed to help organization to accelerate value delivery and reduce process waste.

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