About the Course

Many organization will have to adopt a culture which enables them to be quick in responding to changes and deliver quality products. Some of these organization are adopting Agile mindset as a potential solution. The course will help various professionals to be familiar with the Agile thinking since a lot of Agile organizations will have to recruit professionals who are familiar with this mindset.

The project manager, was and still is a key person in the organization. However, in some cases he becomes a “Servant Leader” who encourages the team to become “Self-Managed”.
The “Agile Project Management” course will cover the project lifecycle in Agile environment and the project manager role.

Let's Jump

Course objectives

The workshop participants will enrich their understanding in Agile thinking and the role of project manager in Agile environment

The course will focus on:

  1. Understanding the Agile concept, the values, principles, methods and tools
  2. Understanding the project / product life-cycle in the Agile environment and how it is managed

Target Audience

Project managers and other professionals who want to understand who project are managed in Agile environment


Project/release/product managers who are jumping into the Agile world


  • Introduction to Agile project management
  • Introduction to the Agile values and principles and the environment
  • Servant leadership
  • Organizational roles in Agile project management
  • The role of project manager in Agile environment
  • Project life cycle in Agile environment
  • Adapting knowledge areas in project management to the Agile environment
  • Risk management in Agile environment
  • Project measurements in Agile environment
  • Building an Agile backlog
  • Management and coordination between Value Chains
  • Leading the Agile organization
  • Wrap up