About the Course

Most organizations have a problem they are trying to solve and are looking for potential solution to solve that problem:

  • Delays in delivery – TTM
  • Bad Quality
  • Responding to stakeholders changes
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Huge effort during planning phase

Some of these organizations are looking to adopt Agile as the potential solution for that problem. However, adopting the Agile values and principles is not enough, especially when the organization is large and team coordination is required. For that we offer LAND, a Lean-Agile framework that was designed by Izi Peled to help organizations accelerate value delivery and reduce process waste.  Based on the Agile values and principles LAND drives organizations to achieve high level of Agility and redefine a culture that encourages excellency that will allow the organization create value within a short lead time.  

LAND is a proven knowledge base that can be adopted by various organizations, from startups to large enterprises.

LAND Training

Course Objective

The workshop participants will enrich their knowledge about LAND framework, its process and building blocks.

The workshop will focus on:

  1. Understanding the LAND approach and it building blocks
  2. Understanding the Project/Product lifecycle in LAND environment and how it is managed
  3. Working in a hybrid environment
  4. Reducing waste in a development process

Target Audience

Any professional or organization that is considering working in Agile environment and have basic knowledge on Agile mindset and approaches


Basic knowledge on Agile mindset and approaches


  • Lean/Agile approach
  • Product Backlog
    • Backlog structure
    • Backlog units
    • Value Vs. Enabler units
    • Organizational Vs. Team backlog
  • Lean/Agile requirement containers
    • What is an MMF (Value Unit)
    • What is an MVP
  • Agile release definition
  • Team Backlog
  • LAND Lean/Agile approach
    • Understanding the Lean/Agile process
    • Writing Definition of Start – DoS
    • Writing Definition of ready – DoR
    • Writing Definition of Done – DoD
    • Writing Acceptance Criteria
  • MMF Life-cycle in LAND environment
  • User story Life-cycle in LAND environment
  • Working in a hybrid environment
  • LAND Roles & Responsibilities
  • LAND ceremonies
  • Writing a good backlog
  • Splitting Feature and user stories
  • LAND process exercise
    • Writing a backlog
    • Splitting backlog to MMF and Stories
    • Sprint planning
    • Project/Release follow-up
  • Wrap up