VUCA world

Let’s talk about Agile and VUCA world. VUCA is a term that was coined by the American Army and defines the current business environment that we live in. It stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. Organizations that want to remain competitive in a VUCA world will have to modify their mindset and implement processes and tools that will enable them the required flexibility. In terms of management and leadership solutions VUCA means Vision, Understanding, Clarity and Agility. While the first three solutions are relatively simple to implement, implementation of Agile mindset is a long and complex process. Agile implementation must be a top-down process in which top management defines the vision and convey a clear message to the organization on how the mindset affects them and what the benefits are. The current COVID-19 crisis enhances the understanding that organizational resilience is a must have. Agile mindset can be a potential approach to become a flexible and resilient organization. Do not forget, the next crisis is around the corner…

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